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Juju84’s Profile
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Age: 34 years old
Sex: Female
Location: New Jersey,United States
Member since: 2013-10-26
Last login: 2015-12-07
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Personal Interests

Staying positive is the key to success in any business. Yes, there are set-backs, but it can be looked at from a different light and turned into a positive. So keep it moving. Everybody has the opportunity to be successful, but one must stay away from those negative people. Most of them are usually the ones closest to you. So if you're going to start something, finish it. You either see OBSTACLES or an OPPORTUNITY. Which one do you see?

About Me:

I am a mother of two beautiful children, one boy and one girl, and wife of a wonderful man. I work as a full time Certified Medical Assistant at Rutgers University Hospital and part time building my business from the ground up in the Telecom market. I seek business partners who wants an opportunity to secure their future.

My Goals:

I want to achieve time back where I can share with my family then to constantly be working for so many years and not enjoy it. I strive to help other people's future by sharing my business opportunity who also would like to build their own from a ground foundation.


I enjoy helping others whether it's in the medical field or in general. I love making money, reading, watching t.v., and relaxation.


I love listening to R&B, Hip Hop, and Soul. I like to listen to the FM Radio Stations 103.5 where the music varies and I find myself bopping my head and dancing.


I LOVE scary movies. I enjoy drama, romance, mystery and suspense. I watch A LOT of action and adventure movies with the family.


I'm not an individual who watches a lot of television but when I do it's usually what the kids or the hubby wants to watch.


I don't have a hobby but if I was to choose I would say knitting.


48 Laws of Power and The Success Principles are the two books at hand right now.

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What am I doing?

Ignore failure statistics. Take action!
Saturday 26th of October 2013 07:34:15 PM
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